ProteusEngage offers a seamless connection with Salesforce to make life easier for sales reps and increase efficiency all around. This integration not only records the actions sales reps and contacts take in the ProteusEngage platform, but allows sales reps to create workspaces directly from inside of Salesforce, so that all pertinent information is automatically brought over without any double-entry. Workspaces can be created from either an Account page or an Opportunity page. Information syncs back and forth automatically between Salesforce and ProteusEngage. Standard fields kept in sync include:

  • Contact - Name, email, and phone
  • Stage of the opportunity 
  • Account or Opportunity owner is automatically pulled into the workspace as Primary Rep
  • Other additional customized fields from Salesforce can also be integrated with the workspace as needed

After your integration is completed (see steps here: Salesforce Integration Instructions - Step By Step) creating a workspace directly from Salesforce is simple. See the instructions below.

Step-by-step guide

To create a single workspace from Salesforce:

  1. Open the Account or Opportunity you wish to create a workspace from in Salesforce.

  2. Click on the "Add Workspace" button, typically found in the upper right hand corner of the page (see screenshot). This will create the workspace in ProteusEngage based on the settings you have already created and pull in the contacts and team members you have specified in settings.

    If the Account or Opportunity you are viewing already has a workspace created, the button will look like this instead:


    **Note: Creating a workspace for an Opportunity within an Account will not change the button on the Account itself to show that a workspace was created. Best practice is to choose whether you will create workspaces off Accounts or Opportunities within Accounts, and not to do both, as duplicates could occur.

  3. Once a workspace is created through Salesforce it will remain linked to the Salesforce Opportunity or Account and will automatically update both sources if changes are made on either (i.e. Salesforce contacts will be updated if information is changed in the contacts on ProteusEngage.)

  4. All activities and emails sent through the workspace will also be logged as activities for that Salesforce Account or Opportunity.

  5. If a workspace is connected to Salesforce, you will be able to reference back to the Account or Opportunity from the workspace details page, as seen below.

Additional Notes about integration:

Automation can be created based on information from Salesforce, for example:

  • Posting modules to the workspace based on the Account Owner in Salesforce
  • Sending customized emails based on stage changes in Salesforce
  • Sending notifications through Engage based on the contacts in Salesforce

Work with your Client Success Manager to customize automations and connected content with your integration.

Questions? Please let us know!  Email or your Client Success Manager.