Collaboration is the foundation of all good relationships, and ProteusEngage allows for all manner of collaborations on every workspace.

There is a specific module to share any kind of file made in Google drive, so that you can easily partner with your contacts on documents, spreadsheets, and even PowerPoints. The live edit function allows anyone to make changes to the shown file directly from the workspace, so that whenever another user logs in, they will see the updated version on the workspace as well. This allows for true collaboration on all manner of content without anyone needing to have a Google account or anything else besides a link to their workspace. 

The integration needs to be setup by your Client Success Manager, and you will just need to do two things to make it work.

  1. Add this "user" to your Google document with View access:
  2. Send the Document ID to your Client Success Manager. To find the Document ID, simply look at the URL on the Google drive document you are choosing and find the alpha-numeric sequence that is located between the backslashes as shown here in red: 

After your Client Success Manager has those elements, they can create the module for you and you can begin posting it in workspaces for immediate editing. 

Watch this video to see an example of how you are able to edit the document once it is placed on the workspace.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager or email