When you have a wonderful module that your whole team should, ProteusEngage has a simple way to set your team up for success! Content Syndication allows one team member to suggest sharing of information - but allow the Primary Account Rep to make the final decision about sharing. 

Using our robust task system, you can completely prepare the module and notification email for team members and then they can decide to customize and/or send it to the workspaces as appropriate. If the content doesn't apply or is not quite the right timing for this specific client/buyer, your team member has the ability to veto sending the content at that moment. 

How to Set Up Content Syndication in ProteusEngage

If you're unfamiliar with adding a module to multiple workspaces at one time, or in bulk, we suggest you read Bulk Posting. Follow steps 1-10 to find out how to choose the correct workspaces and module for the content you want to share. 

As described in Step 9 (and as shown below) you have the ability to select 'Publish Later'. When you select this option you can set the date and time you would like the module to be published. You will also see a check box that allows you "Require Manual Review". This means that the module will not publish until the Primary Rep reviews and approves the module. 


Creating One Task Assigned to You to Review the Bulk Publish means - One single task will be assigned to you to review at the given date and time you set above. 

Creating Separate Tasks For the Primary Rep of Each Workspace means - The Primary Rep of each workspace will be given a task for each workspace, to manually review before publishing. This allows the reps to personalize, add value or veto or postpone the content.  

You may continue with steps 10-14 on the Bulk Module Add interface to complete this syndication for one piece of content.

Example Use Cases

  1. Your teammate found a great article to share with prospects.  One team member can prepare the module and notification email and schedule a task for all Primary Reps to review and share next week.  Then each Primary Rep can view the task and decide, per workspace, if the content is relevant and share if appropriate.
  2. Your team has worked ahead and created a schedule to send content once a month to clients and prospects.  These can be selected and prepared in advanced and be waiting in the task list for your team members. 
  3. All clients should be taken through a quarterly business review (QBR).  Using content syndication, the QBR module can be stored in draft until it's ready to share and managers can easily see which QBRs are still waiting to be completed. 

Questions? Let us help.  Email engage@proteus.co