As you create more and more workspaces, the need to do certain tasks in bulk becomes clear. ProteusEngage has many bulk actions that allow you to be more efficient, while remaining personalized and targeted.

The "Add Module" Bulk Action allows you to:

  • Add modules to multiple workspaces at the same time,
  • Send messages to selected contacts on multiple workspaces,
  • Pre-schedule modules and notifications through bulk, so even when you're out of the office or busy with other tasks, your contacts can still receive the information you need them to, right on time.

See the step-by-step guide below for all the details.

Step-by-step guide

To Add a Module to multiple workspaces at once:

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Workspaces page.

  2. Sort the workspaces by the relevant criteria to choose those you want to add content to.

  3. Click on the boxes to the right of the screen to choose the workspaces you want to modify (in yellow below), or choose the box at the top of the column to select all of the workspaces shown (in red below).

  4. After selecting the appropriate workspaces, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the appropriate action in the Bulk Actions dropdown.

  5. Once you choose Add Module, a new screen will appear where you can choose the module you would like to add and decide on the notification details.

  6. First, search or scroll through the drop down menu of all the modules available and select the one you would like to add.

  7. A preview of this module will appear below to verify it is correct.

  8. You can make edits to the module at this step by clicking on any of the pencils that are shown in the corners of the module.

  9. Once the module is ready, scroll down to choose Publish Now or Publish Later (if choosing Publish Later, choose the date and time you would like the module to be published).

  10. Below the publish time, the workspaces that have been chosen will be displayed with the option to remove any at this time.

  11. After selecting the time of publication, then you must decide if you would like to send out notification to clients and contacts that something new is in their workspace.

  12. If you choose to send out notification, then you will be given the option to remove any contacts from each workspace as you see fit.

  13. Then you can create the email notification to be sent to each contact in the editor, send yourself a test message if you desire, and click Publish Now or Schedule when you are done.
  14. If you are sending it to Publish Now a pop up will show you when it is in progress and then complete, if you have set it to a Scheduled time, it will verify when it is scheduled to be sent.

    NOTE FOR SCHEDULED BULK PUBLISH: If you schedule a bulk publication and then find that you want to change it in some way before it is sent out, you will need to notify the support team by emailing or contacting your Client Success Manager to get the publication canceled. 


FYI There are items that at this time cannot be done through Bulk Functions:

  • Creating private conversations within workspaces
  • Sending only notifications without also publishing a module
  • Pinning the added modules to the top of the feed

Your Client Success Manager is more than happy to help you post or schedule a bulk publish.  Please reach out to with any questions.