When working in ProteusEngage, there are two words that you will hear frequently:

  • Workspace - The page created for a client that contains all of your shared messages and materials
  • Module -The specific units on the workspace that share information with the contacts

The information included in a module may include any of the following: videos, images, GIFs, text, documents, PDFs, or any other files you may want to share. Customizing modules to share the content you want in the way you want, is the art of mastering ProteusEngage. This page will give you a brief tutorial on how to place and edit any module on a workspace. 

Step-by-step Guide

To add a module to a workspace:

  1. From the workspace listing page, click on the workspace you want to add a module to.

  2. Once on the Details and Analytics page, click on Edit Workspace tab.

  3. Once in Edit View, click on the +Module button in the top right corner

  4. Once you click Add Module, your module menu will pop up in the middle of the screen.

  5. Select the module you wish to place on the workspace from the module menu.

  6. Once your chosen module is added to the workspace, you will see the default information that included in the module. You can choose to edit or customize any of this information.
    NOTE: Modules are automatically added in a "hidden" view, meaning they are not published or visible to contacts yet. They are not viewable until you choose to publish them. 

To customize or edit a module:

  1. To customize or edit any information on a module, click on the small pencil icons in the upper right corner of every section of the module that you are able to customize/edit.

  2. Press on any of the pencil icons to modify the information contained in that area of the module.

  3. A pop-up will open with the content that you can customize.
    1. You can select "Copy from Library" to load any content that has been previously created by your content team and placed in the asset library.  
    2. For images, videos, or GIFs, you will choose from a dropdown to select the type you want and then upload the appropriate file.
    3. Text modifications are done in a text editor box with the ability to modify formatting, add links, or change font appearance as needed.
    4. Once every area in the pop up is completed to your liking, click Save and Exit to place it in the module.

  4. Continue editing all sections of the module in order to complete the customization. (Don't forget the title of the module where you must click the green checkmark after you have finished editing to save your changes. )

To notify contacts that a new module has been placed:

  1. Once your module is on the workspace and you have customized it to your liking, then you are ready to publish it to the live view. Click on the orange eyeball icon to set the module to publish.

  2. Once you click the icon, a pop up will appear that gives you options for publishing now or scheduling the publication for later, as well as the ability to set the unpublish date in the future if you know it will no longer be valuable after a specific date. Under the publish options will be the box that allows you to choose to send out notification about it being published
  3. When you click on the "Send notification when published" button, an email editor will show and you are able to choose the individuals you would like to send the message to, who you want the message to be from, and the actual content of the message itself.

  4. Once the email is completed, you click the Publish/Schedule button at the bottom and notifications will be sent.

NOTE: Editing a module on a workspace will not save that content for future use, or 'save over' the content from the library.  If you would like to add your new or edited content to the asset library, please contact your content manager or your ProteusEngage Client Success Manager.

Have other questions? We're always happy to help.  Send us a note at engage@proteus.co.