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8 Ways to Share Images on ProteusEngage

ProteusEngage is the optimal platform for sharing visually engaging items that would get lost in an email. Depending on the size and format of the image or material, there are many different ways to share these items through ProteusEngage. Below are some examples. 

Examples of Modules with Large Images

Large attention-grabbing visuals are the ideal selling materials. Luckily, ProteusEngage is made to display those materials easily, while showcasing their visual appeal in a way that is not possible through email. Here are examples of modules that allow you to display large graphic images.

  1. Our Process Module - This module allows you to have a large scale graphic on the top, and then add as much text below as you would like. It's perfect for charts and graphs, maps, or any other large scale image you want to display.

  2. Demo Video Module -Though the title implies that you would use this module for a large video, you are also able to change the graphic to be a static image. To add an image rather than video, you click on the gear icon to edit, and then the pencil icon and simply pull down the drop down menu that is labeled Select a File Type and choose Image.  

    This module allows you to put text above and below the image as well, rather than just below as in the Our Process module. 


  3. PDF In-Line Viewer module - This module is specifically made for PDFs and is restricted to only displaying the PDF format. It displays a PDF on the workspace without having to download it (though your contacts do also have the option to download, if they wish), and contacts can scroll through a multi page PDF right on the workspace. You can add a short title above the PDF as highlighted below. 

  4. Celebration module -The last of the large graphic options, is one that is only appropriate in certain situations. The Celebration module allows you to add a large graphic, video, or GIF to celebrate an accomplishment or step in a process with a client. Confetti sprays over the graphic while you are on the workspace to add a little flair. You can add a title and more text below for a Celebration module as well.

Examples of Modules with Small Images

  1. Insight module - While the Insight module is made to share external content such as links to articles and web content, it can also be used to share graphics. Just know that in this case, you are able to also add an external link to be included on the module, but if you choose not to provide one the Learn More button will simply disappear. You can choose the image and also add text that will show to the left of the graphic, as shown below.
  2. Meeting Reminder/Summary -This is another example of a module that is made for a different purpose, but can be altered to share an image along with text. In this case, the image always on the left side, and the text will always start with a dynamic name to personalize the written content for the person visiting the space. 
  3. Product Service Full -This module is created to share specific products on the workspace, along with images, and can be adapted to share simple images as you would like. You also have the option to add a URL/link. 
  4. Product/Service Summary (also named Award) - This module was designed to show multiple graphics and dynamic information for each item. Small boxes with words over top of them are shown, and as a contact scrolls over the image they are able to see more content describing the image (see second image). In addition, you can add a link to each image so that they are clickable for more information on another page. 

There are always many options for adding content to your ProteusEngage workspace, and this shows you just a few of the most image focused options. If you have any questions, or want a new template to be made, please contact your Client Success Manager. 

Other questions? Please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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