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Advanced Features: Task Cadencing

Stay top of mind with your contacts by using Task cadencing through ProteusEngage. Task Cadences can be used for New Business Development or Account Growth. 

It's easy to forget how long it has been since you last spoke with a client or prospect. Adding automation to your Platform makes forgetting impossible, as the system does the work for you. If you want to make sure that three days after you first talk to someone you share a relevant article, ProteusEngage can set up a task cadence that automatically posts and sends that module for you or it can create a task to review the module before it's published. Task Candances can be setup based on any combination of workspace status, time, activity of the buyer/client, or other factors.  

Here are Some Beneficial Uses of This Feature: 

  1. Create tasks to manually review, personalize and complete at certain stages and/or status.
  2. Automate module publication based on label, stages and/or status.
  3. Nurture current clients based on label, stage and/or status.

Example Cadence for New Business Development: 





Discovery meeting held, change in status

Meeting recap posted, unpublished


If no response

Task Primary Rep to share white paper, ask for next steps


If no response

Task Primary Rep to post Calendly ask for meeting


If no response

Task Primary Rep to call


Task Primary Rep to share testimonial


If no response

Task Primary Rep to post ‘break up’ video message


If no response

Task Primary Rep to change status to nurture or closed lost

Talk to your Client Success Manager to set-up a cadence for you and your reps today! 

Other questions? Please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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