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Workspace Introduction Script

We all know the importance of a good first impression.  Set yourself up for success by properly introducing the workspace to your contacts.  

1. Mention the workspace verbally first.  Something like this: 

We take the opportunity to earn your business seriously and want to give you the best experience possible. I've created a custom workspace so we can communicate and collaborate with you and your team as we discuss our future partnership (or project). I'll send you a link so you can learn more about (Company Name) and how we might work together. 

2. Add a Workspace Introduction module and other initial modules as needed. Record a video to introduce the workspace.  This video can be made Evergreen by not mentioning names or dates saving you some time in the future. Things to cover in the video:

  • Explain what you plan to share on the workspace
  • Invite others from their organization to the workspace via the invite button in the top banner
  • Comment box below each module - making it collaborative 
  • Keep it evergreen - create the the video once and use it over and over again
  • Be authentic! If you stumble over your words it makes you human and relatable.

Here is a script you can use as a jumping off point. 

Hello and Welcome! I’m [Name and Personal Introduction…]

As I mentioned when we spoke, this is our [Your Company Name] Partner Workspace. We use this environment to help communicate with you and anyone on your team about [Your Company Name] information and the work we are doing together.

Up above, you will see a button that says “Invite” [point upwards with left hand] I encourage you to invite others so as we are communicating, sharing ideas and best practices, and ultimately trying to make you more successful your team has access to this workspace as well.

On the bottom of each post, you will see an area for you to add comments so you can give feedback on what is being shared. You can type a question and alert me of any needs or ideas you might have. You also can view my calendar and book meetings with me right through the workspace.

We’ve designed this environment to make it easy for you to consume this information on-demand, any time you want. We will periodically share best practices and things we are seeing on a national level related to your business.

Again, just a reminder, you can add team members by clicking the invite button above. [point upwards with left hand] And you can contact me anytime. All of our contact information is on the left side of the workspace [point with right hand to the right] and you can add comments to each post anytime you wish.

We are so excited to continue our conversations with you. Take care!

3. Publish the module and personalize the email notification you send.

Questions? Please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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