When you first log in to the Engage platform you will notice that there are two ways to view a list of your Workspaces: List View and Table View.  Each user will undoubtedly have a view that they default to most often, but truly there are specific reasons to use each view at different times. Look below for a summary of the different use cases for each view.

Reasons to Use Table View

Table View shows your list of workspaces in a table with multiple rows and columns.

These columns are customizable and allow you to see very specific information about each workspace before you actually choose the workspace.  You are also able to filter your list by various factors, including the rep name, status, or industry of the workspace.  The top use cases for this view would be if you need to:

  • Search for a specific type of workspace such as: all workspaces marked as Discovery, or all workspaces in the Construction Industry
  • Do any kind of action in bulk for multiple workspaces, such as add a module or close out workspaces
  • Sort workspaces by creation date, last published date, or any of the other column heading information


  • You can click on the gear icon (next by the heading checkbox in the last right column) to display or hide the workspace table search columns.

Reasons to Use List View

The List View allows you to see within the workspaces themselves without having to click on any one choice.

By going down the list of workspaces on the left hand side of the screen, you can click into each actual workspace and make any necessary changes or verify if certain content is included.  You also have additional search abilities within the List View that are not available on the Table View (found in the upper left hand corner as a dropdown menu) such as:

  • Contact Visited in the Last Day/Past Week/ PastMonth
  • (workspace) Created in the Past Week/Month
  • (workspace with) Having an unread message
  • (workspace with) Having an unpublished module
  • (workspace with) No Visit

These filters allow you to quickly see all of the workspaces that meet those criteria at once without having to make your own filters. And then you are able to quickly click through them to see their actual workspaces without having to go back out to a menu or open more tabs. This view is made for speed. Here are some instances when choosing List View would be advantageous:

  • Checking to see if a specific module is published on multiple workspaces 
  • After a bulk publish, wanting to see who has visited their workspace in a certain time frame
  • Checking to see if you have accidentally forgotten to publish a module on any of your workspaces

Users can readily switch between both views at any time by clicking on the link labeled "Switch to Table View" or "Switch to List View" in the top right hand corner of the workspace. 

Questions? Please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.