The ProteusEngage platform allows the use of video on many of its modules because we know that people prefer watching short videos over reading large amounts of text. Video is also a great way to further develop relationships with prospects and clients as they can get to know you. We have several knowledge base articles about how to add video and even what to say in certain videos, but this article will give you more over-arching tips on what to do and not do in video, no matter the content.

Video Do's

  • Keep it short
    Unless you are demo-ing a specific product, a video on the workspace should not be more a few minutes long. Think of this as a video voice mail or a  brief synopsis of a meeting or a short message to connect. If you go too in-depth with a video, the odds of someone watching all of it will go down quite a bit.

  • Check your settings 
    Do a mic check ahead of time, to make sure you can be heard and don't sound too quiet or too loud. Check the lighting around you and make sure there's not so much backlight that you end up a shadow. Prop up your laptop or move your camera so you can look directly at it and have a good angle on your face while filming. These little things can make a big difference in the impression you make on your contact.

  • Be yourself 
    Personality is key in videos, so don't be afraid to talk with your hands or make a few jokes. If you stumble over a word, that's ok, just keep going. Treat it like a normal phone call or in-person conversation you would have with someone, and don't worry about making it perfect.

  • Check your surroundings 
    Look around you before you begin filming. Is there anything behind you or in the room with you that doesn't convey the right professional tone you want? Even think about notifications that might come on your computer or your phone that could distract you during the video. Try to minimize the visual and audio distractions that could be on screen for your viewer, or might be in your eye line while you're filming.

  • Know what you're going to say 
    You don't have to script the entire thing, but you should have a rough idea of the points you want to cover. Maybe write yourself a note with some bullet points that you can check while recording, or type it on the screen so you can see your points while you're recording. If you feel more comfortable with a script, that's fine, so long as you don't sound like a robot while you read it.

Video Don'ts

  • Don't give up 
    The first video you try to make will probably take the longest, just because you're not comfortable with it yet. Don't worry, it will get easier. If you find yourself on take #12 of a video, take a break, step away from it for awhile, and see if it goes better when you come back to it. 

  • Don't forget to double-check 
    It's good practice to watch the video you made all the way through at least once, just to make sure nothing strange happened with audio or anything else. It can be tempting to just record and upload, but it's really best to make sure what you're sending is what you thought you created.

  • Don't be scared 
    Some people are intimidated by the idea of video, but if you can hold in person meetings or make cold calls, then video should be easy. Try to loosen yourself up before you start; do some stretches or go up and down the stairs a little. Get your blood flowing so you don't sound tired or monotone for the video. Don't be afraid to just be yourself and treat it like any other conversation you have with prospects and clients. And of course...

  • Don't forget to smile!!

Any Questions? We're here to help!  Email for assistance.