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HubSpot Integration Overview

ProteusEngage is a buyer enablement tool that helps buyers buy.  The ProteusEngage Platform directly links with various CRMs to reduce the workload and improve efficiency for all users. The integration with HubSpot directly links the HubSpot Deals with ProteusEngage workspaces, so that contact information, stages, and other pertinent deal information can automatically populate simply by clicking a button within HubSpot itself. This integration also allows for all edits made to contacts or stages within the ProteusEngage workspace to also update records in HubSpot, to improve data cleanliness and reduce double entry. While customization can be done to alter the way Deals are brought into ProteusEngage, the standard model allows the following integrated elements to come through:

  1. Contacts from the Deal that are not in the workspace are added to the workspace in pending status
  2. Contacts from the Deal who match by name and email address with contacts in the workspace are linked 
  3. HubSpot Deal Owner is set up as the Primary Rep for the Workspace 
  4. The workspace status is updated to the status that corresponds to the Deal stage

This direct integration means that any changes made in HubSpot will automatically be reflected in the ProteusEngage workspace, and vice versa, so that all Deal communications are consistent. If you have a need for additional fields and information to be brought over from HubSpot into your workspaces, please talk to your Client Success Manager for all the customization options.

Ready to get started?  Here is our Step by Step Guide

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