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HubSpot: Integration Step by Step Instructions

This is an outline of the steps required to enable the integration between ProteusEngage and HubSpot.  The integration process is usually completed by a member of your team who is your organization's HubSpot Administrator, with guidance from the Proteus team either through a call or via e-mail. This integration allows HubSpot Deals to be connected to ProteusEngage in order to automate creation of workspaces with all of the needed contacts and information from the Deal. 

Items to consider before completing the integration:

  1. When ProteusEngage uses the HubSpot API, it will be operating as the HubSpot user account that was used to authorize ProteusEngage as a “Connected App”.  (The HubSpot Admin)
  2. For Single Sign-On (SSO) to work correctly, HubSpot usernames and ProteusEngage usernames must match (ProteusEngage username is user's email address).
  3. The HubSpot Admin must also be a ProteusEngage user.

If all of those items have been considered and completed, then the integration process can begin.

Step-by-step instructions

Connection with HubSpot 

  1. A Proteus team member will send you a link to visit to start the connection process.
  2. When you visit that link, type in "[Your Company Name] HubSpot” for the name field.
  3. Enter your Portal ID.  The Portal ID (Hub ID), it can be found multiple ways, but the simplest is that when you are logged into Hubspot, it will be in the URL.  For example, if you visit a Deals page when you're in HubSpot, the URL will be something like:<THIS NUMBER IS THE HUBID>/deals/board/view/all/
  4. Click Submit
  5. Click Connect App to grant access

If this is successful, you will receive a message “Success! Your HubSpot portal has been configured in ProteusEngage. That's probably enough work for today, take time to kick back and bask in the glory of this completed task!”

Link HubSpot Deal Stages to ProteusEngage Custom Status

Once you have finished the initial set up, your Client Success Manager will populate the Deal Stages. 

The custom statuses created for HubSpot deal stages currently default to being configured so that if a workspace is linked to a Deal, they will stay in sync and can be edited in either HubSpot or Engage.  If you do not want to let users edit the status in Engage and therefore update the status of the Deal in HubSpot, please alert Client Success Manager member during this step.

Existing Workspaces 

If you have ProteusEngage Workspaces that were created before the HubSpot integration, those workspaces can still be linked to HubSpot Deals.  Your Client Success Manager will send you a list of the Workspaces that are currently in the platform.  You will need to supply the Deal IDs for each workspace to link them together. 

Once HubSpot is Connected

When a workspace is linked, the following happens:

  1. Contacts from the Deal that are not in the workspace are added to the workspace and listed in Pending status until changed
  2. Contacts from the Deal who match by name and email address with contacts in the workspace are linked 
  3. HubSpot Deal Owner is set up as the Primary Rep for the Workspace if not already the Primary Rep
  4. The workspace status is updated to the status that corresponds to the Deal stage

If you have any additional questions about your HubSpot integration, please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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