1. It might be that they didn’t get the email or it got caught in their spam filter.  Try emailing them directly from your email client (outlook, gmail, etc.).  On their contact card in ProteusEngage, copy the Personal Link and add it as a hyperlink in the email. 

  2. If you’ve already invited them directly from your email client, try following up.  Hit reply to your original email so the subject line includes RE: and see if they had a chance to take a look at the custom workspace you created specifically for them.  Emphasize that this workspace was made with their unique needs in mind.

  3. Call them!  Old fashioned voice-to-voice communication is preferred by some. Tell them that you created a custom workspace just for them and you’d like them to take a look.  

  4. Share a new insight, video, or case study.  In your notification message, try to use their specific language/terminology or pain points to pique their interest.

  5. Have an upcoming meeting, but they still haven’t been in the workspace? Share the meeting agenda for the next meeting via the workspace.