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Adding a Meeting Recap

Adding a meeting recap module to your workspace is an easy way to keep all of the stakeholders on the same page!  Some of our most successful ProteusEngage clients make it a point to publish a meeting recap to their clients and prospects within 24-48hours of their meetings.  The meeting recap modules give you a chance to summarize what occurred in a meeting with a client or prospect, both in video and text, provide next steps, and attach documents. It also can establish rapport with your contacts by building trust and confidence in your organization. 

This module is perfect to provide the following in one central location:

  • The history of your conversations and documents shared
  • Personalized takeaways and conversation points
  • Clear and concise next steps 
  • Reference points for anyone added to the conversation later on

Here is an example

Step-by-step Guide

In "Edit View" on a Workspace:

  1. Click the Add Module button.

  2. On the module menu, find the meeting recap module. (Depending on your team's organization, this could sometimes be listed as Meeting Summary, Meeting Recap, or Initial Meeting Recap.)

  3. Click on the module name to add it in draft or hidden mode to the workspace.

  4. To modify or customize the content, click on the pencil icon to edit each area of the module.

  5. Uploading a video of yourself summarizing the meeting is a key component of the meeting summary, and it is a best practice to create the video shortly after the meeting has ended.

  6. Once you have created your video, upload it to the module.

  7. Fill in a short text summary of the top 2-3 takeaways from the meeting, then click Save and Exit.

  8. You can also attach any documents as appropriate by clicking on the pencil icon of the documents area. 

  9. When you are done, publish the module by clicking on the orange eye at the top of the module and choose whether or not to notify your contacts of the new module.

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