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How to use Email Templates

A sales rep has hundreds of repetitive tasks to do each day to continue communication with their prospects. Whether it's updating the CRM, going through task lists, or making follow up calls, anything that can make the process more efficient is ideal.

In Engage, one of those efficiencies is set up through the use of Email Templates. We know that personalization is key with communication, but we also know that you don't have to recreate the wheel every time you're sending the same information to a new prospect. That's why we have the ability to save email templates in the system associated with specific content that you might post. 

For instance, every time you post the latest whitepaper from your company, you might want to highlight the same key findings, no matter who you're sending it to. Your Content Manager can save a specific email template along with that asset (the saved whitepaper), or the full module from the menu which might include a meeting summary and the whitepaper. Anytime you post that asset or the module and click to publish and notify someone, that template will come up as an option so you don't have to remember or recreate what it is you wanted to highlight. 

While some assets might only be used for one workspace(i.e. a specific client proposal), the Proposal Module that it goes into will be used over and over on multiple workspaces. In that case, you would want to add an email template to the Proposal Module itself, so that no matter what proposal file you are uploading, you will always have a basic email to start from.

See the step-by-step guide for using the templates below, and for content managers click here to read about how to add templates.

Step-by-Step Guide

Using email templates within a module is quite simple.

  1. Once you have placed your module, click on the eyeball to publish it
  2. The pop up will come up to show you your publication and notification options
  3. When you click on the "Send notification when published" box the email editor will open below
  4. The first drop down list at the top of the email editor is titled "Email Template" and it provides the choices of templates for that particular module

  5. Choose the appropriate template you would like to use and it will modify the language in the Email Message below

If you do not see the correct templates for modules you are adding frequently, please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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