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Salesforce: Options for Sync

Integrating with your CRM is an essential part of Engage to eliminate duplicate entry and streamline communication. However, we recognize that there are different ways people choose to use their workspaces and the contacts within them, and that might require different kinds of long-term connections with the CRM. To this end, Engage offers two different syncing options for the workspace name and the Primary Rep assigned in Salesforce.

  1. On Create- This means that the name of the workspace and the Primary Rep for the workspace will be pulled from your CRM initially, but after that it will no longer sync up and therefore can be changed to something other than what is in the CRM without being overridden. 
    1. Example: An Opportunity from Salesforce is named "Manchin and Sons- New Deal" and a workspace is created directly from Salesforce. After it is created, the rep can go into Engage and update the workspace name to just be Manchin and Sons and it will not be changed back unless it is manually done through Engage.

  2. On Update from CRM- This means that the workspace name and Primary Rep will always be chosen by syncing with the CRM continually, and any changes made in Engage will be overridden by the CRM in the future.
    1. Example: Client Success Manager Judy is listed as the Account Owner in Salesforce for Account X and a workspace is made directly from the account. Later, someone goes into the Engage workspace and tries to change Judy from Primary Rep, but the system does not allow it because she is still listed as the Account Owner in Salesforce.

The workspace name and Primary Rep fields can be listed with different options, so the workspace name can be pulled only on creation and Primary Rep can be continually updated from the CRM, or vice versa. Please let your Client Success Manager know how you would like your CRM syncing options to be set up.

If you have any questions, please click the "HELP?" button in the upper right corner of your Engage screen or contact support.

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